Dr. Claudia Hasanbegovic is an Argentinian lawyer. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Policy
the University of Kent at Canterbury (United Kingdom), a Master of Art in Women
Development by the Institute of Social Studies (The Netherlands), and a Diploma in
Program Body by the Internationale Frauen Universitat (Germany).
Her fields of expertise are gender-based violence against women, and children, from an
international, development and human rights perspective.
Her experience in  The Netherlands, Great  Britain, Germany  and Cuba contributed  to
her theoretical conceptualisations.

Dr. Hasanbegovic has disseminated her research in conferences and was  invited  to give
talks in Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands,  Poland, Switzerland, Japan, United States, Cuba  and Argentina. She has  also participated  in  Governmental international conferences as member of the Argentinian government
delegation in France,
Liechtenstein and Ukraine.

All Dr. Hasanbegovic´s postgraduate studies were supported by fellowships she earned by
contest, from the Dutch and the German government, and British universities. She practised
law in her own firm for a number of years, worked at NGOs and for the Argentinian State. In 2008 Dr. Hasanbegovic was appointed Prosecretaria Letrada by the Argentinian National  Supreme Court of  Justice, by  contest, to coordinate one of  the  professionals´ attention teams at the Domestic Violence Office in Buenos Aires.

At present and since 2007 she works as a lecturer at the Postgraduate Master and Specialization Courses on Family Sciences at National University of San Martin, and since 2013 at the Doctorate Programme of the Law School at National University of Lomas de Zamora, and as a guest lecturer in foreign universities. She has published books and articles on her research.